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Starting today, we are adding NIXmoney

18 августа 2016, 08:00
New design of our website

As many have noticed, we have changed our website design. Now our website complies...

4 августа 2016, 05:55
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Получил первую прибыль 0,75 бакса. Вывел мгновенно на никсмани! Отличный инвест-проект.

serebec / 27 августа 2016, 07:24

Очень доволен проектом ! Остается пожелать только долгих ЛЕТ работы !

edkeplich / 25 августа 2016, 19:06

Вывод % мгновенный. Проверил сам.

vvv120609 / 25 августа 2016, 11:32
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About us

The company "Trust Invest" invest in construction of both residential and commercial real estate in Russia and abroad. In the beginning, a group of investors headed by Svetlana Smirnova painstakingly worked on the creation of rational and balanced ideas, as well as the introduction of the only true management approach. Grown experience and expertise, therefore, in order to raise capital and become an institutional investor, the management decided to open and officially register company "Trust Invest".

As it was conceived at opening of "Trust Invest", the company has achieved the intended result and helps equally well to invest their clients funds in residential and commercial areas.

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My type of referral program:
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Stable profit 1% per day
Deposit/withdrawal at any time
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